Pioneers Graduate with certificate in Intro to HIV/AIDS

Some of the members graduate with certificate in “Introduction to HIV/AIDS”, funded and facilitated by IEA and NCDPAC and supported by World Bank, 13-17 August 2007, at Deloitte Tower, Level 13, Multi-media conference room, DCC.  

 The Melanesian way Inc has joined the governments NGOs and other civil society organizations in Papua New Guinea to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is gradually unlashing the economy.

In particular, we have focused on a country and region wide campaign to mobilize youths to get them to know more about HIV/AIDS and make safer life decisions for themselves. In our attempt, we are in the drive to liaise with stakeholders (NGOs, governments, UN agencies, churches, FBOs, CBOs and other community service providers) to provide, facilitate and deliver trainings, workshops, conferences and forums about HIV/AIDS. Our members, comprising of young people, who support our theme “Paradise Pacific – A land of NO AIDS” go through all the trainings, workshops, conferences and forums on and about HIV/AIDS to equip them with the knowledge and skills they needed to guide them stay out of being infected with HIV.

Our goal is to target each of our members to be well affluent with issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and be responsible citizens, family members, fathers, mothers, friends, workmates, schoolmates, daughters, sons, uncles, aunties and neighbours. Our network of young people stems to all towns, cities, settlements, provinces and homes in Papua New Guinea and the pacific region to live an AIDS-free life in the land of Paradise Pacific.    

Our members are “referral agents” living amongst other people in the community. They refer those who seek more information and help about HIV/AIDS to places where services are provided. They will use a booklet that will be produced in the cause of their training compiling all the organizations of where and what services they provided.

We stand together as youths of today and leaders of tomorrow. Together we stand, we curb AIDS epidemic, our future, our land, our way, the Melanesian way.  

Want to join the team and support the theme? Register now. 

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The organization is currently affiliated to the Papua New Guinea Alliance of Civil Society Organizations against HIV/AIDS (PACSO).


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